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Ilona Geiger GmbH is your partner for inspiring life design coaching,
self-determined career planning and a successful new start.

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Complete Career Shift in 3 Months

Phase 1

Emotional Support

After the loss of the workplace, many emotions, fears and uncertainty are natural. We offer empathetic 1:1 coaching.

As an expert and sparring partner, Ilona Geiger guides employees to process situations and find fresh outlooks.

Phase 2

Discover your Potential

In the inspiring landscape of Piedmont, participants will experience 2 weeks full of opportunities for rediscovery.

Combining physical labor in local agriculture with individualized coaching and group workshops will promote strengths and realignment.

Phase 3

Assistance in the Application Process

In this phase, Ilona Geiger assists virtually in job hunting and the job application process for up to 80 days. Our professional network and online support streamlines the job search.

If requested, we can also coach and support the first 90 days of a new role for a seamless start.

Turning Frustration into Opportunity

We offer candidates much more than just traditional outplacement coaching. In Piedmont, we offer participants an opportunity for a complete reset even before actively seeking a new professional position. This transforms termination into an amicable separation in a smooth process – and all at the price of standard outplacement.

The exit becomes a consensual separation with a smooth transition.

Why Ilona Geiger?

With over 14 years of experience in entrepreneurship, executive, and outplacement coaching, Ilona Geiger is the perfect partner for C-level career transitions. She blends expertise with personal experience, competently guiding you and your employees on this journey.

Ilona Geiger herself has pursued career changes twice to grow in alignment with her values and her commitment to purpose-oriented work. With education including a Master's in Training and Development, further training in Positive Psychology, Values Work, and 'Coaching for Results', she brings effective methods and profound expertise.

This blend of professional competence, empathetic approach, combined with years of experience, makes Ilona Geiger the ideal consultant for a successful new start.

values-based support

Personalized, Needs-Oriented, and Aligned with Company Goals

Benefits for Companies

Our innovative method provides employees leaving your company with an extraordinary opportunity to pause and strategically plan their careers.

Despite the separation, your company will be remembered positively, and a graceful departure is achievable. This contributes to your employer branding – all at the cost of a traditional outplacement program.

Benefits for Senior Executives

With our career coaching, we help executives to ground themselves and slow down. Only then are professional goals clarified and aligned with personal values and visions. In addition, they benefit from our corporate and headhunting network.

Our life design coaching propels progress not just at work, but also in life.

Impressions and Partners

Easing Pressure, Grounding, and Rebooting

Our unique approach reduces pressure from the process of realignment.

We believe that real change comes from within. With individual coaching, self-reflection, and a fresh start in the inspiring surroundings of Piedmont, we lay the foundation for a sustainable new beginning – featuring physical work in nature, healthy eating, and small group workshops as well as 1:1 coaching.


Ilona Geiger has accompanied me in a competent and charming way into my new professional future. It all started with a systemic constellation that opened my eyes and moved me to take the step out of my comfort zone. Thanks to her direct questions, I quickly knew where my journey should go, which in turn had a positive impact on my job search. Thank you very much, dear Ilona, for your support on the way to my dream job.

Barbara Berger, CEO of Informatik Schaffhausen

"Over a period of 5 years, Ilona has accompanied me on my career path to a wide variety of challenges and each coaching session was uniquely adapted to the immediate situation. Ilona has the gift of being able to adapt to individual challenges within a very short time and give you a one hundred percent "mind reset". In other words: no matter how dark it is in your tunnel, you are back in focus within a very short time and can work on your goal together with Ilona. I found the different approaches to accepting, looking at, analyzing and deleting challenges to be unique. When I now face challenges at work, I still use the methods I learned from Ilona."

Procurement Manager, International Hardware Supply Chain

"Ilona has accompanied me closely and empathetically throughout my process of reorientation. She consistently held up the familiar mirror, which regularly pushed me out of my comfort zone. This allowed me to discover my previously unknown potential, so that over time, I became increasingly clear about where I wanted to develop and in what position. Thank you for your guidance at all times, and thank you for the constructive, enlightening, and practical sessions."

Adrian Bühler, CFO, Leuthard Bau AG

Reduce Costs, Boost Satisfaction, Preserve Image

Our methods refocus the trauma and process of job loss for individuals, while reducing cost and inconvenience for your company.

Candidates have transformative experiences, fostering positive memories of your company. Investing in this job transition programme specifically strengthens your employer branding.

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